Our Cycle…

Did I scare some of you off? Whelp, keep reading, I promise it won’t get too interesting for even a 3 year-old to hear. Our cycle… not our motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle, Popsicle (ok, that’s a stretch), or even a woman’s ‘monthly cycle’… but… the deployment cycle.

We honestly don’t know why deployment has a ‘cycle’, it’s much more like a roller coaster! But, it is upon us once again. Last time, we had been married just 3 months when we received official word, 8 months by the time he left home, and 11 months by the time he left country. Many a season has come and gone since then… we’ve moved, bought a house, got a dog, renovated aforementioned house into our home, been blessed with 2 amazing kiddos, said good-bye to (seemingly too) many friends as they joined Jesus, career changes galore, all the while being filled more and more with God’s light and glory.

But, I digress… we’re officially in the deployment cycle again. It’s going to be ok, really (or so I keep meditating on). We just feel like our understanding is at square one with this cycle (once again)… kids change everything. As much as this cycle could disappear into a cloud of smoke at nearly anytime between now and ‘boots on ground’, we know one thing – we have to prepare like there will be ‘boots on ground’. Prepare our hearts, minds, bodies, home, children, family, friends, dog, seemingly our world, to be separated by time and space but NOT to be separated from Christ.

My ‘sisters’ in Bible studies have been bombarded by my mentioning the impact that Psalm 139 has had on my journey since June. So, once again… I find comfort in the whole but also specifically the following:

16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
        all the days ordained for me were written in your book
        before one of them came to be.

23 Search me, God, and know my heart;
        test me and know my anxious thoughts.
24 See if there is any offensive way in me,
        and lead me in the way everlasting.

In the end, here we go. Basics to put on the record of THIS deployment cycle: married 7 years, 1 dog, 3 year old daughter, 16 month old son. Not going to try to hide it… I may need a bit more of God’s oil for my ray of light and that may mean I borrow from those near and dear every now and again. And, despite all of these realities, there is one that shines brighter – God’s glory and plan.

Jeremiah 29:11

In His Love & Light,


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