Signs of the Toys

Yes, ‘signs of the TOYS’!!! NOT sign of the times {although there seems to be plenty of those these days}. The hubs and I have learned a great lesson over the past year or so of me being a SAHM {stay-at-home-mom} on a full-time basis. There are signs that the toys give him as he walks through the door each day from teaching middle school hooligans {alright, they’re usually pretty good but they’re hormonal middle schoolers, folks!}.

The scenario has a few endings. So… hubby walks through the door and:

1.) Toys are all in their place! WOW! AHHH… clutter-free. Oh, ooppss, WHO hasn’t mopped these floors. Ah, where did THAT dust bunny come from?! How did THAT scratch get there?! Vacuum, where is that mechanism hiding?! {the stories bare floors tell around here can overwhelm}
MEANING: The kiddos and I have been running errands like crazy banchies and didn’t have time to enjoy our home and the blessings within. So… usually a stressed mommy and possibly under-napped children. Not to mention stories left untold, blocks left un-built, cars that didn’t get any miles put on them, music left unsung and un-played, bikes left in a lonely heap, and the list goes on. Yes these days are necessary but beware… they can become all-consuming, thinking we need to keep up with all the ‘freebie’ activities, catch the sales right when they hit, keep ourselves fed as mommies, serve our community and church and world, and the list goes on.

BUT… hang tight, here’s another sign of the toys!

2.) Toys are SCATTERED. And I mean SCATTERED. Not a crevice left untouched. Not a marker in its place {new masterpieces littered around}. The bookshelf is bare. There are simply remains of a sky-high tower {or so the 3-year-old thinks}. Watch your feet or you may go racing across the hardwood with a HotWheels. Don’t step on those musical instruments! Alphabet magnets in the bathroom? Cans of beans in the living room. And downstairs… well, let’s go fishing for the fish for the fish game! Need to mow the lawn, whelp, it will take a game of chalk hunting {unless you want colorful lawn clippings or puffs of calk as you go along}. Alright, alright, I make my point about the BEAUTIFUL mess!!!
MEANING: Well, this one is DUAL-point so, watch out! Take note of ‘the vibe’. EITHER we’ve been super productive and forgot to pick-up as we went along OR I’ve been overwhelmed and decided it was easier to join the crazies!

ALL scenarios are a blessing. And ALL lead to a simple fact:

NOT dirty dishes
{without a dishwasher}
clean laundry
{although both of the later are great accomplishments},

There are a couple of scriptures that I do my best to let the Lord empress on my soul every day about raising hearts {especially on the chaotic days}:

Psalm 127 (ESV) Particularly the passage referring to children as “arrows in the hand of a warrior” and “blessed is the man who fills his quiver.”

Ephesians 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it.

{NOTE: there are 75 references to ‘heart’ in the book of Proverbs (NIV) alone… and 77 in the ESV translation!}

If I’m not engulfed in RAISING HEARTS then WHAT am I doing in the mission-field of being a mom {that mission field thing is a WHOLE other blog} with God’s children He has placed in my/our care?!

So… go, on – let the dishes pile for a day {yes, it can be a bit more stress the next time}, leave the toys scattered in every corner, and RAISE HEARTS {maybe hearts that will serve and creatively help catch-up with dishes}!

Blessings all! Go, let the toys be a sign of raising hearts!

{P.S. The picture… it’s real life, yo! Aside from the fact that I can’t get it to rotate correctly and the hubs is sitting on the couch waiting for some face time. A dear friend and I that live hours apart desperately needed to catch-up via a phone call last week. So… the littles were quiet and I sat on the kitchen floor and nearly 2 hours later… happy hearts! Also note the under-groomed dog and the pajama-clad daughter.}


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