Hunting Woobies

We aren’t really hunters around here. Now, my brother and nephews keep the freezer stocked just down the road. However, us… well, the most we’ve hunted {recently anyway} is woobies. Here’s a tid-bit on our woobie love and adventure {for the sake of joy amidst the hard}!

By definition, a woobie is a military poncho liner. However, in our home, a woobie is a snuggly survival tool adorned on each of us girls’ beds. But, when training, deployment, schooling, or the such roll around for the hubs… his woobie goes with. And, whelp… like mother, like daughter, the 3.5 year old has taken to his woobie.

Alright, but ‘taken to his woobie’ is an understatement {of her lifetime}. She has become as addicted as I am; we each must simply have a woobie. You see, they’re not just a poncho liner… they are an indescribable bliss of a blanket. Not too warm, not too cold, not too heavy, not too thin, breaks the wind, yet breathes nicely.

So, you see, it’s not just a blanket in our home. It’s THE blanket. Or, as E lovingly calls it, her, “woovie”. Despite ice-cold feet she will insist on taking off her socks so she can feel her “woovie” as she snuggles in at night. Then, she nuzzles a piece of it against her face and all is well in night-night land. And should she, for some random 3-year-old reason, end up in our bed {dun, dun, DUN} she STEALS MINE! Now, as for me… it’s the base layer of blankets I use. And it all started 6.5 years ago as an early 1 year anniversary present. You see, the hubs was preparing for deployment and I had come accustomed to his much-needed woobie. So, he heroically went woobie hunting in Omaha {where we resided at the time} and was successful. He even had timely words stitched in it!

And now, as he prepares for the next go… his newest admirer {that he ‘helped make’, mind you} has become attached to his much-needed woobie. Sometimes, it’s the little things… like a slippery woobie that is otherwise perfect {in all aspects of the blanket universe}.

And so it goes… we are wobbie hunting. And, amidst all of that and as we snuggle in to our woobies {as needed each day}, we are forever grateful for the blessing of ultimate comfort and warmth from our Savior. As we dive deeper into this next leg of our journey, and undeniably ‘the hard’, we trust that He will offer more comfort than a woobie can. And, unlike a slippery woobie that inevitably escapes off the bed at some point each night, He will never leave us. But much like a woobie, which provides just the right amount in the universe of blanket bliss, the Lord will provide just the right amount of EVERYTHING on our journey. And that last point, is where we find undeniable joy and strength… that He will provide {not just comfort and warm coziness} EVERYTHING.


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