2016: Brace for Impact

{DISCLAIMER: there are no whines or tears, simply our reality.}

Seems like loads of dear ones are writing off 2015 rather quickly while I seemingly am clinging to it. Now, it was a rollercoaster {don’t get me wrong and not just for us but many of our closest and dearest} including plenty of counseling, seeking God hard in the hard, celebrations {of life and opportunities}, new friendships, good-byes and see-ya-laters, new beginnings, better wellness, and much more. But, to be completely honest… Thanksgiving has passed; Christmas has passed; and BAM all of the energy we were focusing on having non-deployment focused holidays came to a screeeeching halt and saying goodbye to 2015 is not as appealing for me as I anticipated.

You see, 2016, whelp… for me and my crew… will seemingly include a vast rollercoaster. Now, I’m not sure what the longest rollercoaster in the world is but I’m anticipating we will be able to contend with it {seriously}. So, I’ll be here, batting down the hatches and bracing for impact. Impact of the hard and ugly {that come with life in general but really come with deployment}. Impact for being overjoyed by our littles {because they’re simply amazing}. Impact for opportunity in our community, church, and oily world {that we’re humbled to be a part of and excited for}. Impact for intense growth in our faith journey {because despite the hard, He is always good}. SERIOUS IMPACT, folks.

These hills and valleys… there is only One who knows how deep, wide, or long. But that same One knows every hair on my head, and yours {Matthew 10:29-31}. Ordained every day before I {or you} was even conceived in my mother’s womb {Psalm 139:13-16}. Watches over me. Guides me. Comforts me. Protects me. {such a vast array of these references that I don’t feel the urge to narrow one’s thinking} So, I face 2016 bracing for impact… with by my side God… and my crew… and thankful for the now seemingly miniature rollercoasters of the year past.

And, as a side note… I can begin to grasp why many of our closest may be quick to pass off 2015. For those beautiful folks and families, we were honored to walk along side you through your hard. Your tears and smiles and life blessed us and our journey beyond measure. We look forward to enjoying your 2016 with you!


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