Puzzle Pieces Reunited

Well, it has been more than a year! Survival mode did not fit blogging as much as I had dreamed. But, you know what, that’s ok. I kept life simple by staying unplugged from one more thing.

So much has changed, aside from obvious things. But, we’re rolling along officially 3 months in to this piece of our journey labeled reintegration in a deployment cycle. For those who think it’s all just a honeymoon and that a piece of our puzzle is back and everything fits back to together just the way it did before… I have a news flash. While yes, our puzzle is once again complete, the pieces changed shapes, colors, sometimes even the details. The honeymoon of reintegration is over, and we are back to the simple of day-to-day life which can be far from simple after being physically apart for 15 months.

So, would you reunite with us in community?!¬†Our goal is 2 posts per week. So no, we won’t be blowing your devices up. And, we may even have a few guests join us in sharing this simple life while in community and shining Christ’s light into this world.


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