Got a Refill?!

Refill. Simply put {because you know that’s how I like life – simple}, is “to fill again”. Walking through the house this week, it seems like EVERYTHING needs refilled. From the water pitcher to the hand soap to the shampoo and the list goes on. And then, as I make tea desperately hoping for a few quiet moments while the youngsters play, I realize I too need a refill. And not a typical refill… it’s the soul, life-giving refill that looks different for every person but I truly believe there are two consistent components.

First, but not foremost, community. Sometimes I honestly look here before I look to the main piece… which is backwards but the reality. Do you know we are specifically created for community, fellowship, friendship? We are not created to walk this life solo, without a friend to be spurred on by or a partner to pray with. Community looks different, depending on the season… only a select few have stuck for years… while others are strategically placed on my path, by my Provider, at just the right time. One thing is sure – community is key to being refilled. Sometimes it’s fellow moms, other times military family, yet others musicians… you get the picture. Go with the flow. God’s got the details, right down to who answers the text or the phone or randomly cross your path.

So, I eluded to it in who has the details but here’s the main piece of being refilled: God, Father… the one and only who offers ultimate Peace, Wisdom, Calm, Strength, Energy. Where do you go to refill? The scripture that He has laid on my heart for 23.5 months and going strong {yes, exactly that time period}, is Psalm 139. It reminds me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. That my God has known me since before I was even conceived and that He planned each and every one of my days.

So… where do you turn to be refilled?! What pieces of the puzzle do you need, do you need to rebuild, do you need to establish? Whatever it is, wherever you are – simply be refilled. Empty does no good, whether it’s hand soap or a heart. So, go on – refill yourself! {it’s not selfish, it’s a necessity}

SIDE NOTE: How do we refill our wonderful hand soap?!
8 oz. foaming hand soap bottle
2 Tablespoon Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Castile Soap
20 drops Thieves essential oil {from Young Living}
7 oz. water
{OR… if our budget allows, the Thieves Foaming Hand-soap from Young Living is delightful!}


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