About Cassy

A gal with no extra-ordinary life or faith or day-to-day life. But a SIMPLE life. With a SIMPLE family who does simple things and has simple passions.

A heart for the Rocky Mountains, desire to travel the world, a love of fiddling and classical piano alike, a passion for chemical-free and natural wellness options, a care for women and families, and a over-arching yearning to grow ever-closer to my Savior, Protector, Guide, Healer, Father. As each day goes by, I strive to be a simple ray of His light into the world I encounter.

God has blessed me with wonderful family and friends that have become family, but here are the stats. Married to my friend and love, Michael, since October 2008 and we have been given two children whom we lovingly call E and Ike (yes, those are just nicknames). Oh, and I must not forget to mention the dog, Tank… a nine pound Maltese named Tank.

Simple, really. As He fills me, I become a ray of His light, a ray of faith that shines so others may see Him.


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